Wednesday, January 22, 2014


oh Wednesday, I love you.

So many times in my past you have meant something special to me, whether that was high school youth group (Fusion, what what!), Wesley chapel, or just the preparations for the end of the week.  It truly is the turning point of the week, oftentimes a point of reflection or stress as we prepare for those end-of-week deadlines.  It's the beginning of the end, truly.  I like this about Wednesdays.  Always a day of preparation.

Oh glorious God,

Thank you for this Wednesday, this incredibly busy but fulfilling Wednesday.  I am so glad You have blessed me with it.  Thank You so much for finally getting me to the OB rotation, it makes me glad every day, I am so blessed.  Thank You, God.

Today I am praying for New Orleans.  Oh God, this wonderful city.  I am so thankful every day for the chance You gave me to live and learn here.  I am so happy that it is such a cool place, God.  It's so interesting, everyone here is so interesting and has amazing stories to tell.  I love it.

God, please keep New Orleans safe.  There is a risk to living here, as we all saw in 2005, and I know You have the power to keep that from happening again.  I lift up everyone who calls New Orleans home, whether or not they actually live here.  May they all be coming back to You.

Lastly, thank You for the physical city itself.. I am so floored by the magical union of naturalism and industrialism here, the beauty in the balance of these two things that we live in.  It is amazing, God, such a cool place.  I am grateful.

love you,


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