Sunday, March 23, 2014

{sunday thanks}


such week.

much days.


hello my friends.

Don't you just love doge?  Those eyes... those cute crossed paws!  We love it when Charlie (my mom's corgi) is suspicious.  Ah!  Such cute.  ;-)

The past few weeks have been good ones, pretty chill for nursing school.  Definitely productive.  I'm not looking forward to the next couple of weeks because T is going on a long business trip and I have a bunch of tests and projects coming up, plus clinical paperwork, so it's going to be interesting.  And by interesting I mean busy.  And by busy I mean stressful.  I'm so not ready for tomorrow.

However, I will still give thanks.

[thank you]

Dear allegra, thank you for being a great comrade versus pollen.  Pollen and I don't agree but you help mediate the war.  Thanks for that.

Dear S, thank you for all your kind and encouraging words on Friday night.  I am so thankful that I've met you through dating T.  I hope we are friends for a very long time!  I'm so grateful for knowing you and for our friendship.

Dear Hyatt Regency, thank you for being so beautiful and such a fun place to stay for the weekend while T and I witnessed two friends' blessed union {even though I could barely handle the tenth floor, much less the twenty-seventh).  And to City Park/the Botanical Gardens/the Court of the Two Sisters and New Orleans, y'all were amazing hosts, too.  The absolute perfect settings for all the fun we had over the last couple of days.

Dear MayBooks, thank you for being the best solution to my journal needs.  I love how helpful you are with my studies, prayer life, and list/organizing needs.  And oh!  The monograms!  How I love!

Dear macaroni & cheese, why are you always so delicious?  More importantly, why am I questioning it?  Thanks for being consistently wonderful and a staple in my life (and for being such a good pair to dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for those days that I just don't care).

grace + peace

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