Friday, January 10, 2014

friday prayers

hey y'all.

Today's a Friday, which means a few awesome things...

Last day of class for the week.
Full weekend ahead with a visit home!
I'm a full day closer to trying out my dream job in the clinical setting.
School prayers.

If you don't already know, I attend the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing.  I am in the second semester of my Junior year (read: Junior II), taking Pediatrics, Women's Health, Nursing Research and Genetics.  I am going to rock out this semester, y'all.  It's been a tough 2013 and I'm ready to start the 2014 school calendar by totally and completely rocking it.  Especially because OB/Labor & Delivery/Women's Health has been drawing me near to it ever since I learned of its existence.

But let me not delay the prayer any longer.  It is why we're here, after all!  [So many levels to that statement!]

My glorious Heavenly Father,

What a gorgeous day today is here in New Orleans, all foggy and cloudy.  I love the variety you give us in the weather, my God: You know how much I love to appreciate the cloudy, rainy, dreary days so that I can appreciate the sunny days all the more.  I think the weather is a beautiful metaphor for life in this way, and I think You have known that all along :)  I love that about You, God.  That omniscience of Yours.  Floors me.

I am praying today for my school community.  God, LSUHSC reaches so far beyond its address.  Students of all kinds live and learn in all areas of the city, and graduate and move to become doctors and nurses and occupational therapists and physical therapists and physician's assistants and grad students all over the state of Louisiana and the country and, I'm sure of it, the world.  How beautiful that is, God.  The teachers of this community are raising up people who impact people all over the world.  I could not be more humbled at the thought of the magnitude of your work in just this school alone... much less med/nursing/graduate/therapy schools all over the country!  I love that you put these desires in our hearts to become these certain kinds of people, and then you give us all sorts of opportunities to actually become those certain kinds of people.  LSUHSC is just a small portion of that fulfillment.  I love this, God, I love this so much.

I'm lifting up the whole school today, God.  Every researcher with their offices and labs in the MEB.  Every med student/intern with their stethoscopes in hand, holding them up to listen to robots or patients.  Every nursing student, standing nervously with their all-white uniform and clipboards, hoping they remember all the meds they were supposed to learn last night.  Every therapy student.  Every grad student.  Every future physician's assistant.  All the administrators stressing about syllabi and budgets and whether or not the money will come through... God.  You have it all.  I pray for every one of these people's hearts.  I pray for their minds to be clear as they seek the mysteries You have laid out for us, or the common knowledge You've given us years ago.  There is so much to pray for here, God, but I believe You know it all and You've got it all in Your big hands.  We have nothing to worry about, because we have You and You have us.  And You know what's coming, and even if it scares us, just the fact that You have it is enough to comfort us.  You are the greatest and best and only source of true hope, God, and I pray that each and every person involved with LSUHSC knows or comes to know Your hope, my God.  What an even more impactful place this school would become.

I love you and I know You've got this.


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